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It don’t mean music distribution for free if it ain’t got that swing! Welcome to Swing Out Adelaide! Adelaide’s favourite swing dance college and home for genuine swing and jazz era dance and music. Publication a class today! Hey Adelaidians and site visitors! 2020 has been a very difficult period with COVID. Make sure you be assured that we have been very carefully monitoring SA Gov. Restrictions lifted June 29 and we are now back again to our regular schedule of classes. Our classes could have limited places. Restrictions have lifted, but we want to ensure everyone’s safety. Please check our Facebook page for our most recent updates and fun activities to do at home! We have some assets on our website here as well - music for different designs, routines to learn, online classes from the best dancers across the world and MORE! Please stay safe, wash those hands and protect your sanitiser!

This will be for everybody - beginners who are brand new or those searching for a refresher. We'll have the essential steps, and a few classic shapes to truly get you out on the ground! free fast music distribution :15pm-8:00pm Arrive, bring some close friends, learn something brand-new and have a great night time! We'll learn some essentials, so you can get an idea about what we'll be learning in the beginner classes and, needless to say, be able groove all of those other night aside! 8:00pm-11:00pm Community Dance - let's celebrate our new beginner learners and dance the night away! Not used to Swing Dancing? Or possibly you’ve hardly ever danced before? Familiar with other designs and need to try something brand-new? Our guide could have the answer to your questions, so you are ready to hit the dance floor in no time! Our new membership plan gives you cheaper usage of classes, personal lessons and workshops. There are a range of membership choices - from the casual one class a week dancer through to the those who simply can’t get enough!

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